Using vimpipe to have the power of vim to manipulate stdin

This blog has been silent for a long time but I will try to write a few articles about some bash tricks or other things related to programming. I just read the article by Julia Evans about editing files using ed for doing batch editions that are more complex than simple search and replace […]

Optimizing speed (In Node.JS)

This is an article about optimizing speed in Node.JS, since every article I found was about optimizing memory usage, finding out memory leaks, but none of the methods I found helped me resolve a bug that was causing my code to run in 5 minutes instead of 3 seconds on my docxtemplater library. This article is about […]

Bisecting your .vimrc

Bisecting your .vimrc When you have a problem with vim, but don’t know exactly where it comes from, many people recommend to bisect your .vimrc. Here is a small tutorial on how to do it. The following gist contains my .vimrc that has a bug. The bug is that it is not possible anymore to […]

Make your tests run in less than a second

What I did For the open-source project docxtemplater I work on, my whole test suite runs in less than 500ms (280ms on my machine, 345ms on Travis). It contains more than 1000 assertions in total, about 50 describe statement. This permits to get very fast feedback about what you change, and is extremely pleasant to […]

Git good practices

Here are a few git tips that I find essential : 1. Use git on all your projects, even your personal projects When you work on a project on your own, you might think you won’t need git because you don’t need to share your code. However, git is not just a way to share […]

Riot overview : the new React like JS micro-Framework

Over the weekend, I tried to play around with Riot. Riot is very sharply focused on doing one thing right. The library is very small: 3.5kb minified. One file is responsible for one UI element, for example a todolist. That file contains both the HTML and JS responsible for that component. A UI element is […]

How to run io.js in Travis CI

UPDATE: Travis CI now supports io.js It’s now much easier to use iojs on travis: Just write the following: Base Article Here’s just a small code snippet to show how you can run your tests with io.js in Travis CI. At the current time, Travis CI doesn’t support io.js like it does with other options. […]

Interviewers: stop the puzzle games !

I was active in looking for a job in a software company in the past three months (although I also did some contract work), and I failed at a puzzle game test because « I was too slow to answer the questions ». Here are a some of the questions I was asked to do: You are […]

Vim serving as a model for keyboard-based software

vim is a good example (if not the best) of a keyboard based application. Vim being alive and still maintained during more than 20 years (40 if you count its predecessor ex with its visual mode vi), it shows that such an application is robust and doesn’t get caught up by the new sleeky editors. […]