You don’t need to be scalable from day 1

I see so many developers asking themselves the following question : How should I write my code so that it will work if the traffic explodes ? I believe thinking about this from day 1 is counterproductive. Here’s why : Most of the time, you aren’t going to scale Yes, that’s a truth, 99% of the projects will never have to […]

Support is one of your main marketing channel

At beequick, our top priority is answering to support tickets/incoming mail. When a customer asks us something, we try out best to answer in the following hours. However this is not the case everywhere. The current state of support I have seen many companies where the employees would say: This is Tom’s problem, he has some holiday, […]

Why docxtemplater is so awesome to generate docx files

I’m creating a library on Github, which is obviously open-source. The library creates docx from a template with data, much like what you’re used to do for HTML with templating languages like Mustache, Twig (for PHP), HAML (Ruby and Node), Jade (Node). The library is called docxtemplater and is specifically for docx. Docx is a format used by Microsoft Word 2007+. […]

What’s wrong about the 40 hour work-week ?

While I’m still pretty young, I think I have a word to say about the way we work together as of 2014. Of course not everyone works like I’m writing in this post, and this may be a bit too opinionated because I very often have thoughts about how bad this is. I have already […]